Mail Redirect

Mail Redirect 2.1.360

Share mail between multiple boxes

The Mail Redirect is a simple email routing program that allows you to redirect messages from the existing mailbox to another mailbox located anywhere in the internet or your local network. The setup is easy and you'll get your messages redirected in a few minutes.

Mail Redirect retrieves messages form the specified POP3 mailbox and sends it to another single or multiple email addresses through SMTP server. You can setup this program to redirect downloaded messages to the MS Exchange Server. Mail Redirect works transparently and keeps all original message headers, so your clients can hit "Reply" button in their email client and message will be sent to the right recipient specified in original message.

  • Easy set up procedure.
  • Supports Secure SSL connections for both POP3 and SMTP protocols.
  • Supports connection through SOCKS proxy.
  • Supports multiple source and Destination addresses.
  • Mail Redirect keeps all original message headers such as From: and To:
  • You can use special Delivery Rules to redirect messages depending on Header lines.
  • Can be run as native NT service. Eats minimum of system resources.
  • You can filter large messages by its size to prevent delivering of large messages by Mail Redirect
  • Your login information (username/password) for your mailboxes and servers will be stored in encrypted state to avoid unauthorized access.

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Mail Redirect


Mail Redirect 2.1.360